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Mainland Business Setup in Sharjah, UAE

The government recognizes the importance of Mainland business setup in Sharjah in  regards to trade, utility, and manufacturing sectors in maintaining the nation's economy, and has therefore charted policies encouraging Businesses across the Emirates. Sharjah's government policies support emerging businesses and have thus gained global investor confidence, leading to the rapid growth of Sharjah's business environment.

Mainland Business Setup in Sharjah, UAE

How to Register a Mainland Company in Sharjah

Step By Step Procedure, below:
Step 1

Types of Mainland Business in Sharjah:

  • Branch of Foreign office
  • Limited Liability Company (LL.C)
  • Professional firms
  • Public Shareholding company
  • Representative office.

The above-mentioned types are discussed below:

  • Branch of Foreign Office
Branch office is an extension of foreign parent company. Sharjah provides opportunities to investors who have been looking for a platform to grow their business. In Sharjah, it is quite convenient to set up a branch office.

  • Limited Liability Company (LLC)
LCC can be incorporated with the participation of at least 2 shareholders and can reach a maximum number of 50 shareholders.

  • Professional Firms
Professional Firms are committed to a particular profession for carrying out their domain-related professional practice. Unlike an LLC, the 51 percent shareholding has no limit on qualified firms in Sharjah.

  • Public Shareholding Companies
Public Shareholding companies carry out Insurance operations, financial and banking activities. For the establishment process, the minimum capital requirement is US$ 2,725 million and is suitable for larger projects. 

  • Representative Office
Sharjah Authority allows foreign investors to set up a representative office without the presence of any shareholder. A representative office is not active in the organizational activities of companies and is more involved in marketing activities study and promotion.

Step 2

Document Required to Start a Mainland Business in Sharjah:

  • A valid copy of passport and national ID in case of shareholders if he is a UAE national.
  • A no-objection certificate, copy of passport, copy of visa or residence is required in case of ex-pat partners.
  • License form duly filled.
  • Branding certificate is required.
  • In case of technical assessment is required than a report must be submitted.
  • A Contract of partnership duly attested by a notary is required.
  • A Lease copy shall be obtained.
  • Legal affairs approval shall be obtained.
  • Property certificate if available.
  • Authenticated copy of the MOA and AOA of the company.
  • A copy of the feasibility study on the business venture is required.

Step 3

Types of Business License available in Sharjah are the followings:

  • Commercial License
  • Professional License
  • Industrial License
  • Commercial Business License:
In this type of License, 51 percent shares are in the hand of local and 49 percent will be owner, my foreign partner.

  • Professional Business License:
In this type of License 100 percent shares are held by the foreign partner and locals will act as service agents.

  • Industrial License:
Businesses that deal with manufacturing or any industrial activity.

Step 4

  • Procedure for Mainland business setup in Sharjah:
  • Firstly, it is important to select the business type of the company to be formed.
  • Determine the legal form of the business. For example, Joint liability company, simple, commanding company, LLC, etc.
  • Obtain Trade name Registration from DED.
  • After the completion of the above steps, it is required to obtain an initial approval certificate.
  • Then a location for business in Sharjah needs to be chosen.
  • Obtaining Approvals from Relevant authorities must be sought, for example, Ministry of Economy, Ministry Interior, Civil Defense, RTA, Ministry of Health, TRA, Ministry of Justice.
  • After completing all the steps, submitting all the documents to the Economics Department in the Sharjah in required.
  • Before commencing business activity, one needs to apply for membership in the chamber of commerce.

Step 5

  • Advantages of Mainland Business Setup in Sharjah:
  • Exempted from any kind of tax.
  • Advanced and easy accessibility to all Emirates.
  • There is 100 percent foreign ownership allowed in Sharjah.
  • In Sharjah, there are no foreign exchange controls or trade barriers.
  • Office can be rented at a cheaper price.
  • The advantage of Low cost-labor and workforce is available in Sharjah.
  • It sets forward attractive government incentives for investors